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Juan L. Mira is a multidisciplinary artist with many concerns who was born in Melilla on August 3, 1978. He began writing short stories at the young age of 8 and, from that very moment, he became passionate about narrative.

Later he studied Graphic Design, Advertising Graphics and Artistic Photography at the School of Art and, at the same time, began to write, produce and direct his first short films, shooting a total of seven films.

He does not want to limit himself in any field and decides to continue his career in the world of images. He understands that what he really wants is to tell stories regardless of the format in which they are made and he experiments with stories, novels, poetry, illustrations, short films, photographs and scripts.

Since then he has published numerous short stories in various media, has worked as a press editor and photographer and was the creator of "The Crow Magazine".

He currently lives in Spain and is preparing numerous literary, illustration and photographic projects, including a couple of novels and very personal photos. Also, in 2022 he published the novel "The Zone" and has just launched into the NFT world.


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