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First chapter of the novel"The Zone"

First chapter of the novel"The Zone" by Juan L. Mira
First chapter of the novel"The Zone"



The time shall come when all roads will have an end, when the living will have to hold their breath right before dawn. For with dawn the end shall come.

Book of Raashul 1.1

District 57

Year 27 of the Second Era

He took his time. The last drop of an intense storm fell alone on an already well-formed puddle. He stirred the waters of the small pond like the folds of the skirts of a woman anxious to lose her virginity. A boot passed over the puddle, stomping on it.

Three men ran in the midst of the night through the dark alleys of The Zone. They wore black, in an attempt to blend in with the stillness of the early morning. The clouds that hid the moon were their best allies. The silhouettes were accompanied by submachine guns, ready to split any undesirable person in two.

One of the men raised his closed right fist and everyone stood by a corner. The leader peeked shyly. He didn’t want anyone to discover his whereabouts. He tried to look courageous, but the cold sweat that ran down his back betrayed him without leaving time for any useless excuse. The street remained submerged in darkness, except for the gloomy light that came from a lamp post located all the way at the back.

The other two men kept waiting. They were even worse at hiding their fear. The only thing that moved them was their feelings of resentment and anxiety. Finally the leader turned towards them and raised his right index finger. The tension suddenly increased. No one expected that answer, although it was the most probable one. They had naively hoped that that moment would never come. The game of shadows had begun.

At the end of the street a hooded figure was looking for some food among the garbage. He had scattered all the trash around him and was completely focused on a jumble of highly decomposed flesh, with worms squirming through it.

The trio, armed with submachine guns, came out of hiding and headed towards the figure with unusual courage. It was now or never. The difference between dying or living. They had grown up with that constant feeling.

—You son of a bitch! —yelled one of them.

The hooded figure quickly looked up to the place where the voice had come from. For the first time they saw his face and it left no room for doubt. He was a vampdrac. His pale and greenish skin was unmistakable. The shadow opened his mouth wide, showing his sharp fangs and his numerous teeth ready to tear flesh. A furious scream emerged from his throat as if he were a cornered panther, right before his death. Everyone's destiny had already been written. The five shots hit him in the chest, shoving him backward, hard. The impulse pushed him against the wall. What was left was just a mass of flesh and bones covered in blood too dark to be human; it mixed with the waste that the creature had found. A strong acid smell further clouded the atmosphere. The executors remained distracted by their own creation. That was the first time they’d killed one of those beings. This was lost time they’d later have to pay for. One of the rebels couldn’t stand the stench of the corpse and vomited all his dinner.

—Disgusting, fuck! —said one of his comrades when some drops splashed the bottom of his pants.

—It isn’t less disgusting than that —added another comrade, nodding at the victim’s remains.

Someone outside the group watched everything from above, calmly. Contempt filled his gaze. There were three small dots down there; humans. They had dared to kill his friend in cold blood. He clutched tightly to the small cornice on the roof attempting to subdue his homicidal impulse. He studied them in detail. The three humans were lost despite their actions. Even at a distance, he could feel their nerves, he could smell their fear.

—Left or right, Steve? —he heard one ask.

—Give me a minute, fuck! Let me think!

Suddenly, when he felt it was the right time, he jumped from the rooftop which was more than thirty meters high, over the small group. He appeared suddenly before them, unexpectedly, and adopted a posture similar to that of a reptile about to attack.

—Shit! —muttered the leader, knowing that this was his last moment alive.

The vampdrac spat out a huge flare, creating a powerful semicircle of fire in the air. Within milliseconds, he extinguished any speck of life around him. His enemies no longer existed. In their place were only a few remains of meat engulfed in flames. The being stood up slowly showing his stern figure over two meters high. He approached them with all the parsimony of one who knows he was victorious against those insignificant humans and, without even thinking, held a generous piece of still hot meat between his hands. He sniffed it like a wolf examining its freshly dead prey and took a big bite, letting the tasty juice drip freely from the corner of his mouth.

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